The Ladies And The Baby Shower

The Ladies And The Baby Shower

This past weekend I went to a baby shower for a friend from Church. There are some of you that don’t find the idea appealing and I can understand what you mean, but believe it or not, I was actually looking forward to going.

I got there, a little early, and picked a seat and sat down. And people started trickling in.

The vast majority of the women were pregnant.

It was nice that the hostess expect some of the women to be pregnant and had bottles of Martinelis along side some orange juice and champagne for the rest!

After we mingled and ate yummy girlie food like finger sandwiches and mini-cheesecakes, we made our way into the living room. Cynthia gave the guest of honor the opportunity to share a bit about her pregnancy with everyone and got to re-lived some of the memories from mine all over again. God is so good.

When it was time to open presents, the cutest thing happened. All the little girls in the room came over and sat at at the guest of honor’s feet and handed her present after present, gift bag after gift bag. Ooh, that was fun!

You can tell I got just a little excited over some of the ideas that they had. There is so much you can do with a baby shower, so much you can shape and coax into a fitting direction. And there are so many ways for you to take away what really matters about this special occasion shared among women, a true blessing from God.

For me there is nothing more special and rewarding that meeting other women and celebrating God’s wonder, God’s gift of pregnancy. A birth is an amazing thing, something that we need to mark with a gathering among women. And that is how it should be. If you are sending out baby shower invites for girl then the shower itself should be for the ladies. And the ladies alone. I feel like this makes me sound a tad bit old fashioned. And, well I am not ashamed of that in the least.

Don’t be afraid to be different, to not bend and go with the flow, throw a baby shower that you want and enjoy the company of your friends and savor the few moments before baby is here!

At the end of the day, it’s not up to us, the people who attend the baby shower, the people that host it and the outlook on life that they have is what shapes the celebration and that is it.

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